Destination: Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village

Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village is probably one of the busiest streets in Quezon City. Not only because it’s the subdivision’s main avenue but primarily due to the number of cozy restaurants, bars, and kainans in the area. Maginhawa Street is the usual destination of hungry, tired, and frustrated students, artists, and yuppies living near UP, Ateneo, and surrounding communities. It poses as a sanctuary where they can chill out and have, even for a just a couple of hours.

The beauty of Maginhawa Street lies in the laid back coziness it has. It has a very relaxed ambiance that lets people move around comfortably without fear of getting sized up, or worse, nabbed. What I am about to share are the secret indulgences I usually head to Maginhawa for.

1. Tomato Kick’s garlic mushroom, seafood salpicao, beef with mushroom, and marinara

Tomato KickPrice range is 199 and below so its relatively cheap for good food. You can visit their multiply site here. Tomato Kick also serves cocktails and your good ol’ beer (San Mig and Red Horse). Just be prepared though since the place is a bit small and is usually cramped at dinner time.

Tomato Kick MenuTomato Kick Menu 2

Those excited about celebrity sighting will have the chance to see Parokya’s lead man, Chito Miranda and Jay Contreras of Kamikazee chilling out with their friends and bandmates.

2. Friulli’s angel hair puttanesca, barbecue chicken pizza, and blueberry cheesecake

A small italian place a couple of minutes away from Tomato Kick is Friulli. This place offers a really great variety of Italian food including pizza, pasta, and dessert. The food is reasonably priced (300 and below) and is large enough for sharing. Everything is just so good it’s hard to pick my all-time favorite. Oh, I just remembered. The tiramisu was sinful! Also, the BBQ chicken pizza was so good we finished it in a few minutes.

3. Liempo, chicken barbecue and stuffed squid from Grill Queen

Hell yeah! Who doesn’t know this modest ihawan in Maginhawa flocked everyday for great food? Perhaps, one of the better known restaurants in the area, Grill Queen continues to offer freshly-cooked food from chicken to meat to seafood. You’ll be sorry for not ordering “dalawang” extra rice.

4. Coffee and apple cinnamon crepe from the Coffee Way

This cafe/gallery/reading nook is one of the more famous hang-outs in Maginhawa. They offer a wide variety of snacks from nachos to tacos to cookies and crepes. They also have coffee and tea suited for those who plan to stay and read. The place is small but cozy, my orgmates and I even played pekwa and tong-its while browsing through their books and looking at the installations and photos inside. This is a great place for some peace and quiet.

TIPS: Getting there

From Philcoa: Go the the TODA Station beside Mini Stop. You’ll see the endless lines of tricycles waiting for you to hire them. I think you can ride any, Sikatuna, KNL, or Teachers’. Tell the driver you need to get off at Maginhawa (Be specific about your destination. Tell the name of the restaurant you’re headed for) and enjoy the ride! Fare is around 7 pesos. A special trip, the last I checked, was 20 pesos.

From C.P. Garcia: For those who have a car, just drive and turn left when you see the Car Wash place. (Forgive me, I’ll try to remember the street name. But this is after the KNL sort-of-park and before turning right to the University Avenue). Turn right and continue driving until you see a Mini Stop. The street perpendicular to where you are is Maginhawa. To head for Friuli’s, Grill Queen, and Tomato Kick, you’ll have to turn right. Tomato Kick and Friuli’s should be to your right and Grill Queen is at the left side.

To be continued…

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