How to Renew your NBI Clearance

Update! Please see the new Guidelines in getting your NBI Clearance here.

If you’re a first-time applicant, this isn’t the post you need to be reading. But, here’s a simple tip for you. Do not, in any way, lose the personal copy of your NBI Clearance. It will save you from a lot of hassle and waste of time in the future.

We are all aware that there are NBI Satellite Offices scattered around Metro Manila. These are the local units where NBI Clearances can be obtained (whether you’re a first-time applicant or not). There are NBI offices at all city halls in Metro Manila including:

  • Las Piñas City Hall
  • Pasig City Hall
  • Mandaluyong City Hall
  • Taytay City Hall
  • Caloocan City Hall
  • Quezon City Hall
  • Valenzuela City Hall

In Muntinlupa, the NBI office is located beside LTO. In Marikina, it’s at the River Banks Mall. The NBI satellite office at POEA is only open for travel renewal. There are also other branches in the Greater Manila Area including the Marilao City Hall, Sta. Rosa  City Hall, and at Pure Gold, Imus.

Renewing your NBI Clearance at any of these places will eat your entire day. If you have your personal copy with you, you can go the NBI Renewal Centers in:

  • Park Square I, Makati City
  • SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
  • Tutuban Center Mall, Divisoria Manila

Getting another NBI Clearance or renewing it the mentioned places is not that costly and time-consuming. You just need to be an early bird with a few tricks up your sleeve. I got my NBI Clearance renewed at SM Megamall. If you want to learn how to get in line fast and easy, read on.

1. Remember that SM Megamall opens at 10 am every day. So be there before the mall opens. you’ll be surprised how long the queue can get even if you’re only 10 minutes late.

2. Do not wait at the main entrances of Megamall B. Go to the underground entrance where all the delivery trucks proceed and wait there. This is the entrance nearest to the kiosk so you’ll have an upper hand already. Once the entrance is open, run as fast as you can. The NBI Renewal Center is to the left of the entrance, beside the stairs.

3. Do not wait outside the Renewal Center. Proceed to Table 1 immediately and have your personal copy validated. They will ask if your purpose is still the same or if you have corrections in your address. If you’re only getting one for local employment, say so. If you’re getting one for travel documents, tell them immediately. The NBI Clearance for local purposes (which is yellow) is different from the one for travel abroad (which is green). Both types of NBI Clearance cost PhP115.00. You’ll need to give your payment there and then.

4. Proceed to the computer area for your picture. You only have a few seconds to get ready so look at yourself in your compact mirror immediately.

5. After your photo op, proceed to the table where fingerprints are taken. You’ll need a wet tissue for this. They’ll hand you your NBI Clearance after putting your fingerprint.

And, voila, your done!

Remember, to be accommodated by these three renewal centers, make sure that your personal copy is not dated earlier than 1998 and that the bar code is clear and not tampered with. Since the computer will be the one reading the bar code, any glitch will become a problem.

If you have other concerns like corrections in your name, birth date, or birth place, or perhaps a change of status, you’ll need to go to the main branch in Carriedo or to a satellite office to fill-out an application form. Do not forget to bring a photocopy of your birth certificate.

You can visit NBI’s Official Website if you have other questions regarding your NBI Clearance.

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