DFA Authentication Instructions (Red Ribbon)

In the Philippines, an original document from a government agency is apparently not reliable enough. A lot of them still needs to be authenticated by certain offices to be considered “REAL” or “AUTHENTIC”. Take the case of birth certificates. Say you need one for overseas employment. According to the powers that be, your birth certificate printed on an NSO-authenticated paper is not authentic enough. You will need to go the DFA and have that same paper authenticated again. Are you seeing how ludicrous this is?

The other day, I accompanied a friend (who was applying for a nursing job abroad) to process some of her papers. She said that one of the documents required was a copy of the PRC Card that was authenticated by both the PRC and the DFA. I went with her to the PRC office to get the authenticated document. What did I see? A stamp that said “certified true copy” and an authority’s signature. At that moment, I was thinking, ” This still needs to be authenticated by the DFA? What kind of world are we living in right now?”

Since my friend had to go back to the province, I volunteered to have her documents authenticated for it to be submitted to her agency by Tuesday. (You know, because I’m such a good friend. Hehe)

Here’s a summary of everything you need to know about DFA Authentication.

How to get to DFA:

Take note that the Authentication Office is in the old DFA Building along Roxas Blvd. Do not go to the new one in Aseana where all passports are processed.

1. From MRT Taft Avenue Station: Ride the “City Hall/Harrison/DFA Luma” jeepney. Get off at the corner of Libertad Street. Landmarks are the Pasay Sports Complex and a Shell Station. Fare is around Php 8. Walk along Libertad Street going to Roxas Blvd. When you reach Roxas, turn right. You’ll spot the DFA building immediately.

2. From LRT Libertad Station: You have two options. You can either hire a tricycle that costs Php 30 or walk along Libertad Street until you reach Roxas Blvd. Give and take 8 minutes for the walk.

Operating Hours: The Authentication Office only accepts applicants from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Be sure to be there before 4:00 pm or you won’t be allowed to enter.

How much: Authentication of one document costs Php 100.00. This entails a turn-around time for 4 days. If you want to get your papers the next day, you can choose to pay Php 200.00 per document for an expedited processing.


  1. Go to the Window that says “Information”.
  2. Get the blue application paper.
  3. Ask the guard where the line for authentication is and line up. This is the best time to fill-out the paper. Wait until you are called to the inner office.
  4. The inner office is where “Verification” is done. Basically, they just look at your papers and see if it’s completely filled out. So, give the officer your documents and your application form.
  5. Tell the officer if you want a regular or expedited processing. S/he will then hand you a stub.
  6. Get the stub and pay the required fees at the Cashier.
  7. After paying, go back to the verifying officer. Give him/her the second page of the stub.
  8. Keep the first page because this will serve as your claim stub when you go back for your documents.


1. You may want to take a look at the DFA’s Authentication Procedures to see which documents you can directly submit to the DFA and which ones need a prior authentication by CHED or another agency.

2. Keep a photocopy of your documents. You’ll never know when you need them.

3. Bring bills in 100s. They want the exact amount when you’re paying.

Is there an easier way?

If you have no time, friends, nor family, and only have extra cash to give, you can choose to have your documents authenticated by a third party. Tel-PPT now offers DFA authentication services. Go to http://www.authenticationexpress.com/ or call (+632) 559-1111 to know everything you need about this service.

How do I claim DFA-Authenticated documents?

  1. Go back to DFA on the date indicated on the stub.
  2. Drop your stub on the box beside the “Releasing” Office. You will notice the box because there’s always a guard nearby picking up the papers.
  3. Wait for your name to be called. And voila! You have your documents with you.

NOTE: The process is a little longer if you are claiming CHED-authenticated documents like diplomas or school records.

  1. Your name will be called by batch. They will ask you to line up to get your documents.
  2. Check the documents for any error.
  3. Pay the authentication fee at the cashier.
  4. Bring back the document to the Releasing Office window 49. Make sure to staple the original copy of the receipt.
  5. Again, wait for your name to be called. And voila! You have your documents with you.


1. Remember that all unclaimed DFA Authentication Certificates will be disposed of three(3) months from the scheduled date of release.

2. If you are a representative, do not forget the authorization letter and a copy of the applicant’s and your ID.

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