How to Change your BIR RDO Code


Getting a new job sometimes leads to you doing a lot of paperwork. In my case, it was to change my RDO Code or the Revenue District Office Code since my new employer was registered under a different Revenue District Office although they were both in Makati. I was asked to fill out a BIR Form 1905. A BIR Form 1905 is an Application for an Update of Registration Information.

It is the form you file for reasons such as the ff:

  • Replacement / Cancellation of Outbound Correspondence such as: Certificate of Registration, Authority to Print Receipts and Invoices, Tax Clearance Certificate for Cancellation of Properties (TCL 2) / Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR), and Tax Clearance Certificate for Tax Liabilities (TCL 1)
  • Replacement of Lost/ Damaged TIN Card
  • Cessation of Registration
  • Cancellation of TIN
  • Change in Registered Address (this is what you need to tick when you need to change your RDO Code)
  • Change in Registered Activities
  • Change in Tax Type Details
  • Change in Trade Name
  • Update of Books of Accounts
  • Change in Accounting Period

How to know your current RDO Code:

If you do not know your old RDO, check your latest Form 2316. Your RDO Code should be indicated there.

You can also just ask your previous employer’s HR Department

Where to file your BIR Form 1905:

You have to go to your old RDO Office and apply for transfer. Here’s the list of all BIR RDO Codes and Office Locations.

How to file your BIR Form 1905:

  1. Accomplish 2 copies of the Form 1905.
  2. Get your queue number from the Information Section and wait for it to be called.
  3. Hand over the forms to the officer. S/he will check if you are really registered under  their code.
  4. The officer will, then, stamp “Approved for Transfer” on the second copy of the Form.
  5. This is what you will submit to your new employer.

Easy, isn’t it?

My experience in filing for my 1905 was a little complicated. When I started working, of course, I let my previous employer take care of everything because that’s what their HR Department is supposed to do. I’ve already been to two companies and this new one will be my third but they were actually the first ones to require a Change in RDO. I didn’t know what an RDO Code was. I painstakingly followed their instructions and went to the RDO Office in Makati, to file for the transfer from RDO Code 047 to 050. By the way, the BIR Regional Office in Makati (which houses RDO 47, 48, and 49) is located here:

BIR Office in Gil Puyat (RDO 47, 48, 49)

Imagine my surprise when the officer told me that I was registered under RDO No. 002, which is in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. How the hell did that happen? I then realized I did get my TIN from my hometown, Santa Cruz, in Ilocos Sur. But, honestly, I was under the impression that my previous employers already transferred my RDO to theirs! Wow! So I have to go to Vigan just to have my Form 1905 filed and my RDO transferred? Why do I always get all the hassle when I try to do government-related things? So, I had to call in a favor. I asked a friend, who was going back to Ilocos, to do the transfer for me. Fortunately she said yes. If I had to do it myself I would have spent so much on something so minor. Thank God for great friends.

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